12 steps expert guide to start yoga

Starting a new thing is a daunting task. When it comes to starting yoga, the initial effort is double compared to other tasks. But the benefit you reap by doing yoga is limitless. If you never did yoga and planning to start it, they always think that you are a beginner. Don’t do anything weird that hurt your plan. Do everything patiently. Today I am telling some basic etiquette that one should follow while starting yoga.

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12 steps expert guide to start yoga

  • Know what to bring – On the first day you go to the class. Mix up with colleagues and instructor. Check about good mat deals. If you want you can carry a towel also. After the session analyzes yourself and feels motivated for the next day.

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  • Do not eat before class – Food takes time to digest. There should be 3-4 hours gap between the meal and yoga class. Also, make sure you are eating healthy food on a plate. You can discuss with colleagues and instructor.

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  • Dress code – wear the clothes in which you feel comfortable doing yoga. Wear something light and loose to fit comfortably on your body. In yoga you have to move your body upside down, so wear the clothes accordingly. You should not feel uncomfortable doing yoga. Always have an extra pair of your wearings. You don’t know when your plan get spoiled if you don’t have your yoga clothes.

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  • Do not wear extra gadgets – Avoid gadgets like cap, sunglasses, jewelry, and watch. Be natural and feel natural while doing yoga. Anyway, you have to remove these gadgets while doing yoga. So it is better to leave these at home.
  • Go early – spot also matters while doing yoga. The only solution for this is to reach early to the yoga studio or gym. At least 10 minutes before the class would be sufficient. On the first day, reach at least 30 minutes before the class to do formalities like filling of registration form or discussion with the instructor or your introduction session.
  • Avoid shoes – Do not wear shoes while doing yoga. Most yoga studios have a pace to put the shoes in the rack. So act accordingly. You can wear socks if you feel cold. But make sure socks should not stink.
  • Avoid distraction – Avoid to carry distraction gadgets like phone along with you. You can deposit your phone at the registration counter. You can collect your phone after the session. You can also do one thing to tell your dear ones about your yoga timings so that they will not call you during that duration.
  • Introduction – Introduce yourself to the class and instructor. Tell about yourself and any history of the medical condition. You can also tell what is the purpose of joining the yoga.
  • Chant may happen – Class may start or end with the chanting of OM word. So what you can do is to listen and start chanting with colleagues. This gives positive vibrations in your body and prepares yourself in yoga mode.
  • Expect adjustments – Since you are new in yoga, the instructor may touch you to help find proper alignment and deeper posture. If you do not like to get touched, then you can say it quietly to the instructor.
  • Modify Posture – Some of you colleagues are practicing yoga for a long time and they are very good in posture. So do not compete with them.  You also reach that point but you have to understand that it will take time. Initially, you can adjust the posture take rest in between and get your body used to the postures by doing yoga regularly. My personal view is that touching is okay as it helps you to improve in postures. In yoga, the posture of the asana plays a very important role.
  • Don’t rush in end – Most yoga classes end with the relaxation session to bring your body back in the normal state of mind. So don’t skip this important part of the session. Enjoy this session and find out the health benefits of this particlualr session.
Takeaway – I experience the above points personally while practicing yoga. This is not
 difficult to follow. If I missed anything then please share below in comment section.
 Also, share with your friend’s and colleagues.

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  1. A daily workout or yoga is good for health. And if a healthy diet is also there, then it will be better.
    Include Vegetables and Fruits in your daily diet and stay healthy.

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