14 Health benefits of olive oil

Here comes another topic about your health

Here I am discussing whether any oil on earth good for our health or not. If yes that what is the name of that oil.

Yes, you think it correctly – Olive oil. Health benefits of olive oil, types and its use.

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Olive oil has a lot of benefits for our health. Even research proved the same. In India, we call it “Jaitun Ka Tel”. It is reached in vitamin e, vitamin k, iron, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, and antioxidants. Let’s spend some time of finding out its all varieties:

  • Virgin Olive Oil – This is the most popular variety and popularly used in cooking food. Its acid content is low but you will get most of the benefits of olive.
  • Extra virgin oil – It is made by cold pressing of olive fruit. The oil we get from this technology has all the benefits of olive and is best of our body. It is very costly.
  • Pure Olive oil – It is a combination of olive oil and refined oil and high in the acidic property. It is not good for cooking purposes.

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Without keeping more suspense, I am telling you the benefits of olive oil:

Skin Benefits: – Everybody wants to get the healthy and glowing skin as it is the first impression that you put on others. Before telling you how olive oil is good for our skin, plz question these answers:

  • Do you like home-based beauty products?
  • You don’t want to use products containing chemicals?
  • Do you want to use the product which works for a long time?

If all or any of the answer is yes, then you are reading at the correct place. Olive oil gives you all the solutions, I will tell how. This oil contains a good amount of antioxidant vitamin e, which protects the skin from harsh sun rays or moist winds. It is light in nature and is nonsticky moisture that stays long on the skin. It is best suited for all types of skin. You can apply the olive oil on your skin 15 minutes before taking the bath and then remove it with a simple wash. Do not use the soap or shampoos to remove it. If your skin is too dry then massage it before going to bed and remove with simple wash after you wake up.

Besides, it has anti-aging properties and helps your skin to stay away from wrinkles.

It also helps in treating inflammation and acne. It provides the glow to the skin. It also helps to remove the makeup from the skin. It heals the cracked heels too.

Hair benefits: You saw in some tv ads that some heroin have long lustrous hair. You run the store and want to buy the same shampoo. But the truth is that those shampoos are filled with a lot of chemicals which ultimately slowly degrade your hair health.

I have a solution for that in terms of olive oil. So going forward applies olive oil in hair and you yourself see the wonders. You can make your own home based shampoo with olive oil, egg yolk or ritha which our ancestors were used.

Nail health – Now you are thinking about how olive oil is good for a nail. Actually, nail tells a lot about your health. When you visit the doctor and sometimes doctor see your nail to find out about your health.

In the same way, the presence of vitamin e in olive oil makes good looking nails and you can flaunt anywhere.

Prevent breast cancer – If we use only olive oil regularly in cooking then it helps us to stay away from breast cancer. There were a lot of research happened in the past and proved it correctly. So now you get the clear indication what oil you will use next time.

Prevent diabetes – The other benefit to keeping olive oil in our diet is to keep the blood sugar level low. Again many studies proved the same. It improves the working of insulin and makes our glucose metabolism strong.

Prevents Alzheimer – This is very helpful in preventing the Alzheimer away from our body.

Bone Health– With aging bone loss started in the human body. But if we use extra virgin olive oil which are rich in polyphenols, in our diet than bone loss does not happen in our body.

Treats depression – Humans have a brain and which works all the time. Because of that, we have mood swings. There are lots of foods available around us that are antidepressant in nature. And olive oil is one of them. It contains serotin that is brain chemical and works to treat depression.

Helps in weight loss – Losing that extra pound is everybody’s dream but to get there is a difficult task. Now I have a solution. So next time in spite of other oil, start using the olive oil and you see the result yourself.

Controls Cholesterol – There are 2 types of Cholesterol in our body – bad and good. As the name suggests that bad is not good for our body. So when you intake the olive oil it removes the bad Cholesterol from our body.

Relieves Constipation – It is a good remedy to get relieved from constipation. It has a lot of benefits to our gastro tract and colon. If we use olive oil on regular basis, it helps in preventing Constipation. It helps to move the food to colon without any problem and helps in quick bowl evacuation.

Removes kidney stone – Regular use of olive oil dissolves the stones present in the kidney.

Prevents Strokes – Regular use of virgin oil keeps the brain health in good shape and prevents from stroke or any other brain diseases. Olive oil helps in diluting the clots present in blood and it ensures proper blood flow to each part of the body.

How to select the Best Oil: There are lots of frauds going on in the market. So be aware of that:

  • First, verify it is written as extra virgin olive oil which has all the properties.
  • Check from where it comes a long journey may degrade the properties.
  • Look for the harvest date as olive oil is good for 2 years from the date of harvesting.
  • Select the oil which is manufactured in the domestic country as chances are high that it is of good quality.

Make sure to store the oil in a dark and cool place to ensure its longevity.

Word of caution – Though it has a lot of medical properties which are good for humans but sometimes it is allergic to somebody as all bodies are not the same. Do not use on the wounds or cut. Pregnant women should take less amount of olive oil.

Takeaway – Finally you read it right. We have one wonder food around us which 
provides lot of medicinal values to our body. If you know anything which I missed 
here, please provide your input in comments below.

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