21 Tips to overcome exam fear for students

For most of the students, the name of exam considered as fear for them. All age group children have exam phobia. Sometimes the student is under stress so much that he takes some extreme measure like suicide. The other impact of fear is that student under performs as per his caliber.

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It’s become worse when his elder sibling performs well in the past and parents start taunting the student about the same and expect that he also performs in the same way.

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Tips to overcome exam fear and anxiety

  • Revise early – It is observed that students, who start revising the syllabus early, can manage the stress easily. So all students revise their syllabus early to avoid last-minute anxiety or fear of exam. Preparing in advance also prepares the student to cover the entire topic from various books.
  • Timetable – There is a different subject that student needs to prepare. Some subjects are lengthy and some needs a lot of practice. So you need to make a timetable for a week. It should be realistic so that one can follow easily.
  • Chart Out – There is some chapter or subject that you feel is difficult. In that case be genuine to yourself and chart out the topic and allocate the sufficient time for the same.
  • Subject mix – While making the chart, make sure you cover all the subjects on weekly basis. If you are studying one subject in the morning then read the other subject in the evening.
  • Day Target – without aim nothing can be achieved in life. Fix the target for the day. For eg: to finish the 1 chapter each for math and science.
  • Beak time – make sure to have enough break time in your chart so that you prepare and refresh yourself well. In the break, you can clean your room or help your mother in some home activity. Or you can listen to your favorite music.
  • Notes – Make sure you will take proper notes while preparing for the exam. These notes would be very helpful when you make your final preparation. This is even more useful when you prepare for the difficult subject.
  • Sleep well – Some students study a lot and does not take proper sleep. This affects their health too. 6-7 hours of sleep during the night is good.
  • Writing – When you start preparing early then you must make a habit to learn and write it. It will solve 2 purposes, first, your handwritten notes will be prepared and this will remain in your mind for a long time.
  • Use highlighter – During preparation, it is advisable to mark the import points with a highlighter. It tells you the importance and at the same time, this highlighted part will be printed in your mind for a long time.
  • Headings – Make the headings and subheadings for the particular topic. It helps the student what key points are there in particular subject.
  • Flow chart – You can take the help of the flowchart to depict the various steps and remember the topic. These are quite easy to remember while revising.
  • Decide time – You have to find out which part of the day you concentrate more. For eg, if you concentrate more in the morning then allocate hard subject in the morning and keep easier subjects at other times.
  • Help – when you feel you need help, raise it right away. Be it stress or understanding the subject etc. or you can feel that you are not able to make the chart then take guidance from your parents.
  • Share – Sometimes, no matter how good you prepare for your exam, there is still some fear in your mind. Then share your feeling with your teacher or parents. Explain clearly what you feel or which subject makes you fear.
  • Practice previous papers – After your complete revision, make sure you give the previous year papers. This helps you to know the pattern and finish the paper in stipulated time. Do not cheat yourself while giving the practice papers.
  • Don’t compare – Comparison is not good at all. Sometimes when one of your friends is getting good marks, then you feel bad. Listen everybody has the different capability of learning and cope up with anxiety. The discussion is good within your friends but doesn’t compare.
  • Positive attitude – Be positive always. When you go with positive attitude you always perform better. Also, motivate your friends to perform better.
  • Proper meal – Don’t skip the food. It is required for the overall growth of the body as well. So take proper nutritious food made at home. Avoid the food from outside vendors as it makes you sick, which again spoil your timetable.
  • Physically active – Take some time out to play some game. This refreshes your mind and you are capable to deal with anxiety in a proper way. Besides you can do stretching also.
  • Meditation – If you still see that you are not able to overcome the stress, then try out meditation in the morning. It helps you to focus on your studies. Take the help from a certified practitioner.
  • Group Study – Sometimes it is better to study with your friends in a group. You discuss and keep it remember for a long time
Final words – Even I mention what I know about the fear and anxiety in the students.
If I miss anything please add in the comment section. As a parent, I advise not to 
push hard to our kids as this will feel more pressure to score good marks in the exams.

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