Top 5 Health Benefits of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is also called sunshine vitamin. It is produced naturally in our body when exposed to sunlight. It is fat soluble vitamin and constitutes these D1, D2, and D3. There are certain food and supplements which can provide all the health benefits of vitamin D.

Dark skin colored person gets less vitamin d to compare to a light skin colored person if exposed to sunlight for the same duration.

Daily recommended dose is 600 IU. In India, the best time to get the vitamin d from sun rays is from 11 am to 1 pm.

Benefits of Vitamin D

  • Absorption of Calcium – Everybody knows that calcium is required to keep our bones strong and stay away from bone diseases like osteoporosis. But do you know it is vitamin d which holds the calcium in our body and regulates the calcium consumption? so these 2 have combination, so choose your diet accordingly.
  • Fight against diseases – Research showed that vitamin d is helpful in the fight against some diseases related to heart and cancer.
  • Help in reducing depression – Vitamin d is very helpful in lifting the mood thus keeps us away from depression. If a person is suffering from depression, then suggest them to eat foods rich in vitamin d.
  • Boosts immune system – Vitamin d is also helpful in boosting the immune system. Due to this, you are more likely to stay away from flu.
  • Helps in weight loss – Vitamin d is helpful in reducing the weight loss. If a person wants to shed off those extra kilos then eat vitamin d rich foods and you will definitely see the magic.

Factors that influence deficiency of Vitamin D

  • Using a lot of sunscreen lotion
  • Spend less time in sunlight in morning and evening
  • Live in metro cities where tall buildings block the sunlight
  • Dark skin persons
  • Pollution is also one of the main factors
Final Words - As you read the health benefits of vitamin d, if you have any other 
please share with us.with simple time management we can consume a good amount of 
vitamin d even with our hectic schedule. Trust me to try once and you will say 
what a change.

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