9 ways to boost the metabolism

Everybody knows what food we eat what is the best food. But only some knows what is metabolism. It is science terminology which describes all the chemical reactions take place in our body to provide energy. Sometimes it is replaced with metabolic rate, which means a number of calories burned by the body. Metabolism depends on genes, body size, workout done and can be maintained by a change in lifestyle. High metabolism rate is considered good. Here I am showing the ways how to boost the metabolism naturally with little work done by you.

Boost the metabolism naturally:-

  • Protein – Eat plenty of protein in a day with each diet. Eating more protein feels you full and you end up eating less. Also, this increases your metabolism.
  • High-Intensity exercises – These exercises include sprints, jumps, and burpees and increase the metabolic rate for next 24-48 hours as per the new study. So include these in your workout routine and burn your fat. If you pump some iron in the gym is wonderful as it increases the muscle mass which in turn increases the metabolism.
  • Water – Drink a lot of water is wonderful therapy to improve the metabolism. Drink water before 30 minutes of your meal helps you consume less food. Water gives the impression of a full stomach and increases the metabolic rate. So increase your water intake from today onwards.
  • Coffee – Drink one cup of coffee increase the metabolic rate and also helpful in reducing diabetes. It breaks down the body fat thus you feel slim. A word of caution here, do not drink too much coffee as you will feel dizziness and nausea.
  • StressAvoid the stress in any situation. It worsens the metabolism. Now a day’s lifestyle is very hectic and some situations can be stressful. So in those days avoid eating fatty food, as your body will take a long process to digest it.
  • SleepSound sleep is one of the major factors of good metabolism. You should sleep at least for 7 hours without waking up too many times in between. It also keeps the stress level under control and your body recovers easily.
  • Spicy Food – Spicy food like green chili, garlic, ginger are good to increase the fat loss though temporarily but good to keep the metabolic rate high.
  • Standup – Sitting in the office whole day is very bad on the overall health of the body and you end up burning less calorie. We can take short breaks in between the work, take a round of the office or take stairways for 1-2 floors to keep your body movement. You can buy your own standing desk.
  • Coconut Oil – Coconut oil contains medium chain fats which help in increasing the metabolism. So replace your cooking oil with coconut oil for a healthy life.
BOTTOM LINE – Making small effort in your lifestyle change can improve your 
metabolism.So Higher the metabolism gives you slim body and more energy.Act 
today towards your good metabolic body.

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