Avoid These Foods Before Gym Workout

All the young generation wants to be a body like Arnold (now don’t ask me who is this guy).A lot of iron is pumped regularly to look like him and in an effective way. Avoid some foods before hitting the gym to get maximum benefit from the gym workout session. Gym workout can be done in morning or evening but rules of getting the benefit remain same.Some people do it to keep good functioning of heart or watch the weight.

Foods avoid before gym workout session:

Drinking Water – Do not drink too much drinking water before going to the gym. Before 2-3 hours it is Ok to drink as much as you can, but just before and during gym workout session drinks only 2-3 sip.

Drinking Alcohol – It is not advisable to hit the gym after drinking alcohol. When you drink alcohol, it goes wherever water goes and reaches to brain.so the brain functioning get impacted. When you drunk, you try to take the extra kilos during weight training and get hurt yourself.

Eat Food – Do not eat too much food or empty stomach before going to the gym. Minimum 2 hours gap between intake of food and gym is best. Avoid the fiber foods also.

Drink Milk – Avoid dairy products before going to the gym as it slows you down.

Drink Juice – Drinking juice is a good option but before gym workout session is a blunder. The sugar directly injects into your body system and lowers down your sugar level during the halfway session. Eat fruit instead of juice.

Nuts – I would suggest avoiding the slated nuts as it contains sodium. Sodium interrupts the fluid balance in the body. We can take without salted nuts.

Green Banana – Green banana upsets your stomach. Make sure you eat a ripe banana. Sugar present in ripe banana is absorbed easily in our body.

Fried egg – Everybody knows the egg is a good source of protein. But when it consumes before gym workout session, it remains in the stomach and takes a long time to digest.

Energy Drinks – Energy drinks are full of artificial sugar which makes gas in the stomach. Al these drinks are not a good source of keeping yourself hydrated.

Muffins – Avoid taking muffins and protein bars before you hit the gym. Protein to sugar ratio should be 1:1.

You will also want to know how to recover fast from the tiredness after a gym workout.

Over to You: - Now it is your turn to take the right benefit from the list.
All foods are beneficial for the body but timing should be correct
to maximize the benefits.

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