Benefits of coconut water

Coconut water is the best drink after water. It is pure and no adulteration and does not contain any fat or cholesterol. It is the best electrolyte having these nutrients – Potassium, manganese, sodium, folate, selenium etc.

Benefits of Coconut Water:

  1. Treats Blood Pressure – It contains a lot of sodium and more potassium than a banana, hence best drink for blood patients suffering from blood pressure.
  2. Fatigue – It is best to drink after a workout or physical exercise. Besides replenishing the water lost during exercise, it contains calcium and magnesium which helps in relieving from fatigue after physical exercise.
  3. Heart Healthy – Presence of potassium and magnesium prevents blood pressure and formation of plaque. It is good for the heart.
  4. Detoxification – It helps in detoxification of the blood and body.
  5. Stress – It is the good stress buster and keeps our good mood.
  6. Cures Acne – Applying coconut water on skin relieves you from acne, blackheads, and pimples. Besides, it tones up the skin and moisturizes it fully. Besides that, it works wonderfully as anti suntan agent.
  7. Hair – We can apply coconut water to the hair. It cleanses the scalp and relieves dandruff and dryness. Besides that, it provides all the nourishment to hair and provides the glow.
  8. Helps in weight loss – It provides all the calories required by the body. It does not contain any fat and good replacement of canned/sugary drinks.
  9. Helps Digestion – It contains lot of fiber which is helpful in good digestive system
  10. Natural Diuretic – It flushes out all the toxins from the body and keeps kidney clean. Because of these properties, it cleans the urinary tract. It also prevents the formation of stones in the kidney as coconut water cleanses it.
  11. Diabetes – It is good for maintaining blood glucose level in the body.
  12. Memory – It enhances memory and person become well in learning.

I provided most of the benefits of drinking coconut water. Now it is your turn how you start with. Summer is around the corner, so enjoy this drink.

Conclusion – It has so many benefits and very low sugar than other fresh juices
             or canned juices. So it is best bet and should drink after physical
             exercise. You prepare smoothies mix berries or vegetables with coconut 
             and enjoy it. But make sure to choose the natural coconut juice              (you can found on THELAWALAS) and do not opt for canned juice.ddddd

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