Benefits of eating Jaggery

Jaggery or ‘gur’ as we fondly call it in India. In winters, all the family members sit together and eat meals and add gur every time. We can eat gur with groundnuts also. I remember my childhood days when we eat a lot of jaggery and our parents avoid sweets from the market. And I like it too. There was a reason behind that, besides sweetness, it contains a lot of nutritious in value. It is rich in phosphorous, iron, magnesium, zinc, selenium etc.

There are a lot of ways to made jaggery from sugarcane, date palm, and sap of coconut. But the one made from sugarcane is widely used by the masses in India. This article is showing the benefits of jaggery made from sugarcane.

Nowadays jaggery is using in the preparation of rasgullas. Jaggery is also used in the preparation of other dishes too. It is considered better compared to white sugar. Both are made from sugarcane but the process of formation is different. Jaggery color varies from golden yellow to various shades of brown. Besides eating raw, this can be used to prepare GUR chappati or Gur rice in different parts of India. There are lot of other tasty recipes made in different part of India with this magic food.

Benefits of eating jaggery:

  • Cures a cough and cold – Jaggery is made from after heating sugarcane and then it solidifies in any shape. When we eat it in winter, it keeps our lung and body warm.SO that’s why it treats even the severe cold with ease. Older jaggery provides faster relief and better result. It keeps throat irritation away when using regularly. It works wonders in a migraine or a headache.
  • Prevents Asthma – Old jaggery which turned black is very good to prevent asthma. It contains anti-allergic properties which are very good for patients suffering from asthma.
  • Heart Healthy – Jaggery helps you in controlling the blood pressure. And blood pressure is the main cause of heart attack. If we consume it daily then chances are lower to get affected from the heart stroke.
  • Treats joint pain – It has anti-oxidant properties. When we eat it these anti-oxidant properties gives strength to bones and joints and relieves pain if any. You can use it with ginger or with milk for a better result. It is high time to strengthen your bone and keep away problems like arthritis.
  • Helps in digestion – It contains good enzymes and fiber which are helpful in digestion. The person suffering from stomach disorder should use it daily after the meals. This could start the digestion instantaneously which is key to good health. Also, it flushes out the harmful toxins out of the body.
  • Aids in weight loss – It contains the potassium which increases the metabolism. If we eat in moderation, then a person can definitely shed the extra weight. It helps in not retaining water in the body and hence one of the main reason for losing the weight.
  • Lung Healthy – It is very good for healthy lungs and keeps away lung disorders. Now a day’s lot of pollutants present in air, so eating Jaggery keeps fighting with these free radicals.
  • Provides Energy – Jaggery contains raw sugar. After eating, it instantly dissolved in the blood. It provides energy to the body for the longer duration of time thus prevents from fatigue and weakness in the body.
  • Manage blood pressure –  The presence of sodium and potassium ensures the normal blood pressure is maintained in the body.
  • Blood Purifier – Since it removes the toxins from the body and helpful in purifying the blood. Proper blood circulation is required by the liver and kidneys too. Clean blood ensures a healthy body.
  • Increase hemoglobin in blood – It contains the good amount of iron, which is the main source of making hemoglobin in the blood. Thus eating jaggery avoid the anemia. Eat jaggery with food rich in vitamin c, so that this nutrient is absorbed well in the body. Presence of Iron in the body boosts the health of hair and making it strong and lustrous.
  • Clear Urinary Tract – It is a natural diuretic which means a person can urinate easily without any difficulty. It keeps the bladder, kidney clean. It helps in reducing the inflammation of the bladder. It is advisable to persons living near to coal mines or labor doing the job in the dust should eat jaggery with warm milk.
  • Help in curing asthma – It has anti-allergic properties which increase the immune system, thus helps in curing asthma. A person should eat Jaggery if suffering from asthma and feel the difference.
  • Good for skin – Jaggery cleanses the body from inside and hence your skin become glows after some days of using jaggery. It controls acne, pimples, and wrinkles at bay.
  • Maintain Body Temperature – Our ancestors suggest that make GUR sharbat in summers and drink. This tasty drink keeps your stomach cool and maintains the body temperature.
  • Treat Hiccups – Try jaggery with a warm glass of water if you are facing hiccups and you will definitely feel the result.

Avoid Jaggery

  • Eat jaggery in moderation as it contains a lot of energy.
  • A person suffering from diabetic should avoid jaggery as it fluctuates the levels of blood sugar.

So what are you waiting for? Enjoy eating Jaggery before this winter’s end as this is the best season to avail the benefits. You can eat jaggery after your meal to soothes your sweet tooth. So start using jaggery and avoid white sugar like tea, coffee, milk etc. After seeing so many benefits now you know that it helps different parts of the body to work properly.

Share your experience with this superfood in the comments below. Also, share the article with your near and dear ones who want to live healthy and happy.

Conclusion – Avoid eating too much of Jaggery as anything eat in higher quantity
             is bad for health. Always eat in moderation otherwise diabetic problem
             may arise. We see it is very healthy option as it helps in treat or
             cure so many diseases in winter.

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