Amazing Benefits of Ghee

Desi ghee was considered as bad fat. After knowing the benefits of ghee, nowadays it is one of the most sought-after ghee or oil to use at homes.Besides that, it is good food for heart and body if taken in moderation.

Benefits of Ghee

  • Weight Loss – It is rich in fatty acids and are consumed by the liver and provides energy. This aids in weight loss. This is a very good source of consistent energy for Indian Athletes.
  • Good for cooking – Desi ghee does not break when cooked, into free radical particles like other oils or butter present in the market. It does not spoil in harsh weather conditions and does not need any preservatives to increase the life.
  • Lactose Resistant – People who have allergy from lactose can eat desi ghee. It does not have impurities which give lactose allergy.
  • Nutrition Value – Everybody heard that it is very nutritious. It contains Vitamin A and E. If ghee is taken from a cow fed on grass than it contains CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) which is antiviral in properties.
  • Strong Bones – Desi Ghee contains fat-soluble Vitamin K2.This utilizes calcium properly and helps in the development of bones. It also protects against the blockage in arteries.
  • Good Digestion – It contains butyric acid which aids in good digestion. A person with bad digestion does not produce butyric acid of its own. It is anti-inflammatory and anti-cancerous in nature.
  • Immune system – Butyric acid present in ghee helps in killing the T- cells. These cells are responsible for the bad immune system. If our body is free from T- cells then automatically our immune system is strong.
  • Feel Hungary – Ghee increase the production of gastric acid, which is very helpful in digestion. So we feel hungry at regular interval which means our body is healthy.
  • Satvic Food – As per Ayurveda, Desi Ghee is satvic food, which promotes positivity in the body.
  • Used with herbs – As per Ayurveda, take the spices with desi ghee as ghee works as a good carrier to each and every part of the infected body.

Some points keep in mind regarding Desi Ghee

  • Store ghee away from sunlight in dark place
  • Keep away ghee from water and seal in a tight container. It will last 2-3 months.
  • It will last longer if we keep in the refrigerator
Take Away:- Desi Ghee is not purely vegan as it is prepared from animal milk.If you
 are vegan then use coconut oil which is considered equally good.Also, eat the desi
ghee in moderation otherwise a it will give bad effects on the body like heart diseases.

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