Benefits Of Yoga

Yoga is the best form of physical activity. Our ancestors are practicing it for centuries as they know that benefits of yoga are countless. It is Indian heritage and culture. And now other countries are also following it after seeing its positive results.

It builds and provides internal, physical and mental health. Yoga is now starting recognized everywhere in the world.Different countries are adding this in school curriculum to give training to small kids.If you are a newbie, then you can start with the following yoga poses.India started World Yoga Day celebrated on 21st June every year.

Benefits of Yoga:

  • Bone Health – In many postures, a person has to lift his body and remain for some time. These postures make sure that your bone will remain stronger and rigid. Besides the bone health, it makes sure that joints are also intact. It keeps the bone and joint problem like arthritis or osteoporosis at bay.
  • Heart Health – It increases the respiratory system, movement of blood in the body and decreases the risk of heart-related diseases.
  • Blood Pressure – Yoga helps in treating the blood pressure. Especially savasana (Corpse pose) helps in lowering the high blood pressure. It is scientifically proven. But it should be practice under good yoga instructor.
  • Height – Yoga also helps in increasing the height of the person.Indulge the kids in yoga in early age for good height.
  • Blood Circulation – we bend our body and these postures make sure that blood and oxygen should move to each organ, joints, and part of the body.It detoxifies the body also.
  • Posture – Yoga works on the correct posture of your backbone. It removes the stress from spinal chord. It keeps the spinal chord strong.
  • Relax – Yoga relieves the stress and related issues. It works on nerve system and respiratory system. The balance between two makes the body more pointed and relaxed.
  • Weight – It helps in managing the proper body weight and flexibility in the body.
  • Lung Health – In yoga you breathe deeply which provides oxygen to even the inner parts of the lungs. This will make sure that lungs are in good shape.
  • Digestive System – Most of the problems start from stomach because of the bad digestive system. And a lot of diseases get the ground of germination. So yoga makes sure that your body is tuned and transport of food and digestive system is good.

SO now you know how important Yoga is? Do not wait for tomorrow, prepare now, make a list and start. If I miss anything, please feel free to add in below comments.

Your Turn – Now it is you who wants to start, but make sure that you should
     consult a physician or good instructor which yoga poses are good for you
     and which should be avoided.

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