Best 11 tips to improve running stamina

Whether anyone is running for many years, everyone wants to improve the speed to run faster and faster. Even you are about to start running there are lot of tips that you can incorporate in your schedule to improve the speed and stamina. I understand it is frustrating to stop in the middle of the run because your legs are not coping with you or you are exhausted your stamina. Both needs to deal with to increase the endurance of the body. There are some habit change and some tips that help you in long way in your running specially if you are beginner.

When you started initially it is very discouraging when you go out for a run and after a mile your legs burnt out and you lose all yours breathe. At that moment you need to be mentally strong as it is just a start and you need to cover a long way.

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Let’s start with the tips:

Best 11 tips to improve running stamina

  • Drink Water Everybody drinks water, so now question is arising in your mind what is the difference would it make in your body. If body poorly hydrated, then lot of our body system compresses. Also you should note here that our body constitutes 70% of water. Lack of fluid in the body slows you down during run of force you to stop before finishing. So drink adequate water before running. Also you should understand the time and quantity also. So drink at least one glass of water before running so that it will be absorbed in your body completely. Also you can sip water during the run. Make sure it is only SIP. After the run drink plenty of water throughout the day.You can read more how should we drink water.
  • Eat enough – Eating healthy foods gives you all the nutrients to your body. So fuel up before running. If you don’t eat enough then you will quickly run out of the energy that may hamper your run. Plan the amount of food and time accordingly before run. Simple math is that do not consume no more than 500 calories before 2 hours of run. Eat some easily digestible carbs or I would prefer to eat banana.
  • Right running gear Every month big sports company are launching fancy running gears like shoes, clothes etc. And you are tempted to buy the latest. But here I want to warn you do not spend too much. Spend on the things in which you feel comfortable while running. You can go to the store tries different shoes, get all the details from the shoe sales professional and pick the light weight running shoes. This shoe is also good for your foot alignment and save you from injuries too. Similarly, checkout some heat gear t shirts and shorts and find out the best color and size that you like. And that’s it, you are ready for your big run.
  • Run with friends – Research showed that when we run with friends we run longer. The reason behind is that we tolerate higher discomfort in the presence of our friends. Friend motivates us to bear hardship and run long. So next time when you go for run, now you know what to do. Invite your friends. Also you can motivate other friends who thinks of running but never started by sharing the pictures and the transformation that is happening in your body.Also make sure you should stretch enough before and after running.This provides extra care to your muscles and bones and minimizes the chances of getting injured.
  • Breathing Breathing plays very important role during running. Actually if you focus on your breathing then you win your body against any odds be it work pressure, tension, personal life, mood swings etc. During running, if you focus and the way you breathe, it reduces the stress, boost your energy and endurance. When you are running fast or for long duration run some people forget to breathe frequently and hold for long time. Due to this your body get indication something is wrong and your cell start plunges, and you feel fatigue during run. The key is you need to breathe fast during the run so that each part of the body gets enough oxygen and help your smooth run.
  • Cross Training Cross training is very important. It improves and strengths your overall body. Lot of runners forget this important part. You can try many things like swimming, cycling, plunges, Pilates, moderate weight lifting. This makes your bones and muscles stronger and increase the cardio respiratory capacity. Also this gives the much need break to your joints also otherwise doing the running all time gives muscle and joint pain.
  • Mix run   You can mix the different distances or paces in your run. Some days you run short duration at faster pace, next time your run long distance, next time you can do 400 m sprints. So depending on the day you can do mix and match and see the difference. This will activate different energy system, makes you more energy efficient, and thus you are able to sustain more stamina in long runs at faster pace.
  • Interval Training – Do not forget to include this miraculous interval training. This is best way to burn fat, increase aerobic capacity, strengthen the muscles and improve running. In this you can run short distance in full speed (50 m- 100m), and then followed by long time recovery period, where you can slowly jog or walk.
  • Increase distance – If you are preparing for long distance run or for marathon then you should increase the distance gradually. At the same time, you should be careful not to overdo it. Rule of thumb is increase 10% in your distance each week. By following this way, you would able to prevent injury and build long term endurance.
  • Leg and core strength – Your leg strength plays a pivotal role during leg. So focus on building the muscle and strength in your legs. More muscle means that your body more efficient in producing energy during run. Thus this will improve your run. You can try lunges, single step squat, step-ups to increase the leg muscle. For increasing the core strength, you can use planks and side planks.
  • Hill Run – During your training do not forget to hit the hills. This will strengthen the legs and core besides increasing the aerobic capacity. You can do sprints followed by recovery time where you can slowly jog or walk. Repeat this process at least 5 times. Make sure not to overdo first time and act as per your body. As you get stronger you can increase the distance and pace. Try to do at least once in week.
Final Words – Building stamina by running is exhausting both physically and mentally. 
But if you follow above tips and make these as habits then nobody will defeat you to 
win your dream run in very less time.

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