Meet One of the best basketball coach in Delhi Vishnu Pandey

Everybody heard these words – stamina, games, run, be patient and do physical activities. These are not mere words but a life for some by spending the whole day hearing these words. And they mean it. I am talking about sports coaches. Today I will be presenting one of the known personality in sports coaches fraternity– Vishnu Pandey. He is one of the best basketball coach in Delhi Vishnu Pandey. His record is fantastic in terms of providing coaching and building the sportsmanship in the kids and students.

Interview with basketball coach in Delhi Vishnu Pandey:

  • Please tell us about yourself

I belong to Raigarh, Chhattisgarh. We are 4 brothers and 1 sister. My 2 elder brothers are a lawyer in Chhattisgarh and my younger brother is a basketball coach and is living in Delhi. My sister is a self-made businesswoman. I completed all my schooling from Raigarh. I am living in Delhi from 2008 onwards. Currently, I am a teacher in Prabhu Dayal Public school in Shalimar Bagh.

  • Please tell us about your educational qualification

My educational qualification is B.Com, M.Com, M.A in history, L.L.B, B.P.Ed, M.P.Ed

  • Are You married?

No, I am not married. I am living with my brother in Shalimar Bagh, Delhi. We have good tuning and compatibility between us.

  • What all tournaments you played as a player?

I played national level basketball tournament continuously for 3 years from 2002 to 2004. After that, I was eligible to do NIS and did same.

  • Describe your school days and Why you choose basketball?

My elder brother used to play basketball when I was in 2nd class. I accompanied him to the playground and then the craze was developed for this game. Then I started playing with my brother and his friends but most of the time they sidelined me thinking of a kid. They gave me sweets and make a lot of fun of me. I never missed a single day and waiting for the evening time and go with my brother.

  • Did you play any other game besides basketball?

Yes, when I was in 12th class, I represent my state in 5000 and 10000 walking competition. I loved sports very much and accept all the challenges.

  • When you started your coaching journey

Till 10th class, I played a lot and never think of choosing the basketball coaching as a career. Though most of my time was spent playing basketball, I was also good at other games as mentioned earlier. The stage had come that I have to choose my career path. So to fulfill my dreams I opted correctly of doing NIS (diploma in sports coaching, authorized to give sports coaching in South Asia), which I completed in 2007. I am also planning to give MIS (Masters in sports coaching, a person is eligible to make his own training program) in future. In 2008, I moved to Delhi for my career growth and a broader perspective. I would say, I saw a lot of ups and downs in life in the last 10 years, but overall satisfied with my benchmarks.

  • Did you face any challenge because of competition

In 2000, I was tried for nationals but got a rejection. Not once but continuously for two years. Though I was good at skills but was too skinny. Coaches and people thought that I will not able to tackle the pressure of the game and tackling the player. At that time I was demotivated but If I think today then I think that was a positive thing for me. My friends and family supported a lot during that time.  I learned about patience and set one target to be played in nationals. After continuous and dedicated effort I got selected in national games and then there was no looking back after that time. Thank GOD.

  • Any values you followed as a coach or any reward you got as a coach

I got NIS certification to provide coaching in 2007 but I am giving coaching beyond that. I gave seasonal coaching when I was in 10th class to the college going, boys and girls. On main point I want to mention here is that I am good at management and compatibility. I keep my patience intact and connect with students easily to provide the best out of me. My target is whoever comes to me will definitely learn something from me, be it basketball or connection or management skills.

  • Any weakness you want to mention

Hmm, I would not say weakness but I stay away from the political environment of a federation. That becomes a weakness as nowadays it is a culture to have one godfather to move forward successfully. I am happy and content with my coaching journey and wants to continue the same. I provide the best coaching to every individual whoever comes to me. We prepare the students in terms of skill and technicality of the game and then tell for the next level to play in national games and beyond.

  • Any tips to students or their parents

I want to say one thing to parents never put burden or expectation on the kids. Let them play naturally. I am here to mentor them. The only thing we need from the parents initially is that they maintain continuity. All do mistakes so the kids do. Give them at least one year of time after their realization of big failure. Everybody learns from failures and that is the day when the actual journey starts for a true legend player. He thinks and accepts that I can do it.

There are 2 types of players – match player and practice player. As per the name, Practice player plays his game in the match as per practice and sometimes does not bear the pressure. But match player bears pressure well and plays his natural game and gives an unexpected result. So it is the temperament that decides the player type, otherwise, both types of players bring result.

               Besides practice, a player should concentrate on good diet and proper sleep.

  • Your student(s) at the highest level

One of my student Nitish Beniwal is playing for the national team. Recently his team won gold in South East Asia championship. I was a teacher in lancer convent and during that time school performed well. When I left school, his mother contacted me for his coaching. He was in 4th class then. And now he is 19 and sees the difference in 10 years. Besides my hard work, it is his dedication that took him to this level. I wish him the best of luck for his glorious future.

Besides him, a couple of students played at the state level and working hard to produce a lot of players to represent our country.

  • How is your daily routine?

My day started early in the morning and wake up at 5:30 am. After that, I gave personal fitness coaching to 2 students in Pitampura and Shalimar Bagh. Came back at 7 am and the leave for school at 7:30 am. Came back from school at 3 pm. Take lunch and take some rest till 4 pm. Again 4 pm starts the evening coaching routine that goes till 8:30 pm. Come back home and take healthy dinner and go to bed. So I would say my routine is not hectic as it is my passion that is driving to work throughout the day. My mind is continuously working on the betterment of each individual student that comes to learn from me.

  • Academies you associate with

I gave training throughout the week as per the schedule below:

Tuesday to Friday – Rohini DDA Sports complex

Saturday and Sunday – Shalimar Bagh

  • Your contact info

You can contact me at – 8750075901

My facebook ID is –

Facebook page –

I wish all the students very best for their success and they should excel not only in sports but in studies also.

Final Thought - My son is taking coaching from Vishnu sir. Personally, I like his
coaching style. I way he teaches the kids is awesome. I wish best of luck to Vishnu sir.
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