Best Exercises You Can Ever Do

In today’s stressful busy life, everybody is suffering from one disease or another. By doing exercise you not only become fit but stay away from deadly diseases like stroke, blood pressure, stress etc.
I can tell you some exercise which you can start with.You can do any time as per your convenience but morning time is best.Besides exercise, eating an all types of food also plays a vital role in keeping you healthy.

Best Exercise you can start with:-

  • Yoga – It is the best physical activity you can do.You can start by doing simple poses and then you can go for intermediate or hard poses.
  • Walking – Walking is by far the most simple and loved by the human beings. You can start in an open place like a park, road or within boundary walls of society. It is also one of the cheapest as you just need comfortable shoes and a pair of clothes. It is least injury prone exercise. You can start with brisk walking for 10-15 minutes. Over the period of time increase the pace and time to 30 minutes at least. Benefits of doing walking are unlimited like blood pressure is under control, cholesterol is in range, and stress is keep walking guys. It is my favourite exercise.
  • Swimming – It is the best exercise as you heard that all the parts of the bodywork in swimming. It is a perfect bundle of exercise. Even people suffering from joint pain can do this as body weight is equally divided on the whole body and not one part of the body. You burn more calories in swimming compare to walking at the same time. The only drawback is you can’t do it in the winter season.
  • Jogging – I love jogging very much. It increases stamina and endurance.A person can start with small pace and make sure you do on KUCHHA ground. Jogging on PUCCA roads will give you long-term pains in knee, ankle etc as you are putting whole body weight on the leg. Make sure you do some warm up before doing jogging to increase the blood circulation. It is best for cardio as you are pumping a lot of blood than normal during jogging. Wear comfortable shoes and clothes while jogging.
  • Cycling – It is the best exercise for all ages. You can do some investment in buying a good bicycle and you are ready to go. It is good as it does not put all strain on your leg. Doing cycling is good for heart and person to stay away from obesity. You can ride cycle to shop, park etc to save time, save cost on car fuel and keep yourself healthy.
Over to You – I mentioned my favorites, maybe you have yours. Please suggest yours
        in below comment section. If you think of doing some physical work then 
        above are options for best exercises.

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