Best foods to get good sleep at night

Nowadays, I heard the lot and lot of people have difficulty in sleeping at night and forget about the terminology of “Good Sleep”. Gone are the days when most of the people follow “Early to bed, early to rise, keep the body healthy, wealthy and wise”. But nowadays because of a lot of factors like stress at workplace, food habits are the main reasons for all these drastic sleep changes. Sound sleep increases the immunity of the body too. The night is for sleep, so enjoy good sleep at night. If you have any tension, then you wake up many times and next day you will not be active besides other health problem.

Foods that contain tryptophan, sleep-enhancing amino acid, are helpful in taking sound sleep.

List of best foods to get good sleep:-

  1. Almonds, Walnuts – These are known for good source of fatty acids, which keeps the steady functionality of our heart. They also help to reduce and relax the nerve function and thus gives us good sleep at night.
  2. Bananas – It helps in relaxing the muscles and helps in sleeping. It boosts the energy level.
  3. Turkey – It provides a lot of protein and keeps our hunger at bay during sleep and person sleep for longer hours without any interruption.
  4. Honey – Only one teaspoon of honey before sleep is enough to close the alertness of our brain and thus helps in sound and good sleep.
  5. Oats – It is rich source amino acids, vitamins and minerals and very helpful in getting sound sleep.
  6. Chamomile Tea – It is very popular herbal tea available on the shelf. It lowers the depression and anxiety and thus improves the sleep.
  7. Kiwi – It is good for digestive system and reduce the inflammation and thus regulate the sleep
  8. Fatty Fish – Fish like tuna, salmon, and trout are the good source of fatty acids and Vitamin D, which enhance the sleep.
  9. Cheese – It contains the calcium and keeps the muscle movement.In old ages, our ancestors drink hot milk before going to bed.The reason is same.Actually, all dairy products are used for good sleep.
  10. Lettuce – Put some lettuce in water and heat it for some time.Take the water and add some mint in it for taste and try this drink before sleep.You will know the benefits automatically.
  11. Passion fruit tea – Research proved that if drink the passion fruit tree before going to bed, reaps the benefit of sound sleep.

sound sleep

List of foods should avoid before going to sleep:-

  1. Alcohol – Researchers found that a glass of alcohol before bed does not let you fall deep sleep.
  2. Spicy Food – These type of foods creates indigestion, inflammation and thus keeps you awake during sleep.
  3. Coffee – Caffeine in coffee keeps you awake for long hours. So it is strictly no before bedtime.
  4. Cheese – It contains plenty of amino acids, which keeps the brain alert and thus deprived of sleep.
  5. Sugary Drinks – Avoid drinks having a lot of sugar as it creates inflammation.
  6. Computer and gadgets – Avoid using the computer/laptop/phones frequently at night.


We read a lot of foods have qualities that increase the sleep quality, but to get maximum benefit, they have to consume before 2-3 hours of going to bed.We should maintain the stress level also by doing the exercise.I saw lot of people changed the routine, habits and foods and reaping the good benefit.

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