Exercise for weight loss

Everybody knows that exercise is very important for wellbeing. You will not pay proper attention to a healthy living until you reach to hospital.Now a day’s internet plays a very important role and day to day people are spending more time on it and gaining weight.After that person works on desire weight loss.

SO it is high time to know the importance of exercise. You should know which exercise works best for you, how many times it should repeat and be doing it properly without affecting the other body part or getting injured. Exercise keeps our heart, bones, immune system, lungs in healthy shape. Keep changing the list to get the better weight loss result as the body does not show the maximum result when keep doing the same exercise over the period of time.You can do some exercise in office also.Avoid these common mistakes people generally do while losing weight.

Exercise List for Weight Loss:-

Walking: – Walking is the best exercise. The best part is that it does not give any injury to the body. Make a routine to do it regularly.

Yoga:- It is one of the best-proven methods for weight loss.Please start with under the supervision of a good instructor and then you can do of your own after learning.

Cycling:- This is the best exercise when talks about the healthy heart, lungs and blood vessels. You do cycling in open space as during cycling you need fresh oxygen.

Swimming:-It comes out to be the best exercise when we need all parts of the body should work.  When you do swimming all body parts work and as the parts which do not move while swimming, it supports you against resistance. Also, injuries are very rare in swimming as compare to when you do running, weight training or yoga as extra care should be taken.

Skipping:- The person losses weight added up in stomach and thighs. Use both legs to get a better result. Initially, start with 30 seconds and do repetitions. This will increase the heart rate and good for keeping it healthy and young.

Besides the above-mentioned exercise, you can do Squats, Lunges, Swings, and Sit-ups to get a better result in shorter duration. The poses are the main key while doing these exercises and I suggest doing under the guidance of a certified instructor. Once you know every move then you can do of your own.

Achieving the target weight loss is the dream of every men and women. The only exercise will not suffice this as you have to make little changes in your lifestyle and eating habits too.

You have to make these lifestyle changes:

  • Wake up early and plan to start for in morning. After waking up drink 2-4 glasses of lukewarm water.
  • Do some exercise in the morning? You can start with walking and after some days you can add some game or yoga.
  • Never skip breakfast. Since body consumed all the food during the night, so eat like a king in the morning to provide all energy to the body.
  • In night eat like a pauper as body burn less fat during the night.
  • Eat whole foods
  • Skip sugary drinks, juices
  • Drink plenty of water and eat fresh vegetables and fruits.
  • Avoid junk food and try to eat at home.
  • Weigh weekly and not daily

Symptoms of weight gain:

  • Increased chances of Diabetes
  • Tension and BP problem
  • Heart Diseases
  • Leads to certain cancer
  • Depression and irregularity in thyroid gland

Everyone can create your own diet plan to follow it strictly. Here I am providing the sample diet plan, but you can make your own and should match more or less to this. Timing is key.

Sample Diet Plan:-

Waking up- 1-2 glass of lukewarm water mix with honey and lemon

Breakfast – Eat what you like

Mid Lunch – Any fruit like apple, orange, guava, watermelon, avocado

Lunch – Multigrain Chapatti, Fish, yoghurt mix with black pepper

Evening snack – green tea

Dinner should be done by 8 PM – 1 Chapatti, boiled vegetable

So what is your next plan? Prepare your chart and follow it.

Conclusion:- Dream weight does not depend on one thing. It is a combination of exercise, diet and lifestyle. Also, it is should not be a short-term goal, it should be long-term continuous effort and then it is part of your life.

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