Exercises For Strong Shoulders

The shoulder is the main part of the body. You should do exercise to keep the blood circulation correctly and make the strong shoulder. Exercise could be walking but as you age, some stretches should be advised to keep them strong. The best part is you can do at any time in the day or in office but it is highly recommended that you should do in morning to get effective result. While doing these stretches you should keep certain things in mind:

  • You can do these moves while standing or sitting.
  • Posture should be straight.
  • Repeat at least 5-10 times.
  • Maintain the normal pace, neither too slow nor too fast.

Stretches for strong shoulder:

  • Yoga poses like cat cow is also beneficial in relieving the pain and make the strong shoulders
  • Raise the shoulder – Lift your shoulder towards your ears and hold for few seconds. Slowly bring down the shoulder to normal position.
  • Roll the shoulders – Roll your shoulder in the clockwise direction and then anti-clockwise direction. Do the same no of repetitions in both directions
  • Rotate neck – Move your head towards the right direction and try to touch the shoulder. Hold this position for 15-20 seconds. Do not lift the left shoulder while doing this. Then do the same towards left shoulder.
  • Chin movement – Move your chin in the front direction and then pull back to the original position.
  • Swing your arm – Move your arms in the front direction without moving up the shoulder. Then move the arm in the back direction as much as you can.
  • Arm lifts – Inhale a deep breath and move your arm in the upward direction. Bring the hand to normal position
  • Rotate shoulders – Rotate the shoulders in the clockwise direction and then anticlockwise direction.
  • Reverse prayer – Take both hands on the backside and join them together in the NAMASTE position.
TAKEAWAY – It is good to indulge in some physical activity to loosen your muscles 
      and strengthen the bones. This also prevent complication which may come in   
      your layer stages of life. If we are not active then some serious problems   
      like frozen shoulder arise and then most of doctors suggest shoulder operations.
      Now a day’s people are busy in their personal and professional life, and are 
      stressed in work. This makes our muscles weak and posture is poor.It is high 
      time to think now and be physically active. If still, you did not see any 
      improvement, then please consult the doctor.

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