Foods avoid in Diabetes

In Diabetes, the serious complication arises in the body is started. Increase in blood sugar makes a severe impact on eyes, liver, brain, heart etc. It can be on the lower side or upper side.This can be controlled by doing some physical exercise daily. There are some foods avoid in diabetes that otherwise increase your levels of blood sugar. Carbohydrate is the major culprit increase the blood sugar.

Foods avoid in Diabetes:

  • Sugary Drinks – Avoid canned juices or soda as they have a lot of sugar which is insulin resistance. A person becomes obese and some heart problems also started beside increase in sugar level.
  • Trans Fat – The fats come in the packets of chips, creams, frozen food etc. are trans-fat. Besides the bad effect on the heart, these foods are the main source of increasing the sugar in the blood. Even these foods should be avoided if the person is healthy.Good for the heart too.
  • White Foods – Foods like rice, pasta, white bread come under this category. These foods also increase the diabetes level.
  • Flavored foods – Foods like yogurt, cream biscuits or sweetened cereals etc are major foods that are not good to eat during diabetes. An even healthy person should not eat these foods.
  • Coffee or Tea – Avoid putting sugar in coffee or tea. In spite use sugarless cubes to soothe your sweet teeth.
  • Honey or Maple Syrup – Though honey is processed food in itself, but should be avoided by the person suffering from blood sugar.
  • Dried Fruit – Avoid eating fruit when it is dried. Dried fruit lose all the nutrients and sugar is more concentrated.
  • Packaged snacks – Snacks like a pretzel is made of white flour and thus contains a lot of sugar.
  • French Fries – It is made of potatoes which are high in carbohydrate. High carbohydrate takes more time to break down into glucose and hence increase the blood sugar.

Conclusion – If a person is diabetic, then beside medication, food selection is equally important. So select the food wisely. Eat a lot of raw vegetables, fresh fruits and away from processed foods.

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