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Wakeup early in the morning put a lot of people’s life on halt, but trust me doing morning workout is best. Research showed that our body burns fat efficiently when we do exercise in the morning before breakfast. Besides that, in long run, it is more continuous compare to doing exercise in the evening. In morning you have only one work that is exercise but in evening sometimes because of busy schedule you may miss a day or two in a week.Besides that timing of eating food also matters.

Do not eat these foods before going to the gym.

I am listing few ways to get up early and do morning workout:-

  • Daily Schedule – You can change the physical activity daily or after 2 days to keep the momentum going on. You can try different exercises which do not feel bored with you.Yoga is very to be included in the daily regimen to keep our body injury free.
  • Workout Clothes – Wear the workout clothes in the night itself. It gives 2 benefits. Firstly, you do not waste your crucial morning time to find out the clothes and you don’t make any excuse to avoid the gym. Prepare your bag for a gym in the night.
  • Alarm Clock – You apply alarm clock to wake up early in the morning. The benefit is that you will not wake up after every hour to find out the time. Put the alarm clock away from you so that you should stand up and switch off the alarm. Once you wake up it is hardly that you will again go to bed for sleep.
  • Brush – Brush your teeth as soon as you get up from the bed. It gives you freshness and active. You can interact with the people freely when you go to the gym.
  • Bed – After doing brush, clean your bed so you will not go to sleep when you come back after an early morning workout.
  • Manage time – Manage you are an early morning workout and get ready for the office. So manage your time wisely. It is better to enroll a gym nearby to your home. Save time is very crucial as we can do some other productive work in saved time.
  • Playlist – Prepare different playlist for different days and match with your workout. These can contain motivational songs, love songs etc and as per your like.

Start with simple stretching exercise for better blood circulation and then jump into your intense exercise routine.

Does this blog help you?

OVER TO YOU – I did my work, now it is your turn to plan and follow. If I miss 
             anything from the list, Please suggest to add in the comment section.

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