Health Benefits of Yogurt

Health Benefits of Yogurt are countless. Human beings consumed it for ages. It is made up of fermentation of milk by bacteria. On the same line, one more product exists is curd. The curd is also undergone the fermentation process but by some external driver like lemon juice or vinegar. Yogurt is less acidic compare to curd. Yogurt is made from any type of milk but curd is made mostly from cow’s milk.

Health Benefits of Yogurt

  • Blood Pressure – It keeps blood pressure numbers under control. The presence of potassium helps to remove the extra sodium from the body.
  • Speedy recovery – It helps in speedy recovery after workout fatigue. Because of the presence of protein and carbohydrate, it is very good snack after a workout.
  • Digestion – Because of the presence of probiotic, it works wonder in digestion. Probiotics are good bacteria present in yogurt and are very beneficial for a stomach.
  • Calcium – It contains more calcium compared to milk of similar quantity. It is required for healthy bones and joints.
  • Rich in nutrients – It contains a lot of vitamin B, phosphorous, potassium etc. which requires the normal circulation of blood.
  • Proteins – It contains high proteins compare to other dairy products. Greek yogurt contains more protein compare to simple yogurt. Protein helps to keeps away the hunger.
  • Lactose intolerant – Person who is suffering from lactose can eat yogurt. It contains lactose also but easily digests by the body compared to lactose present in milk.
  • Immune System – It strengthens the immune system and keeps away from cold and cough. It safeguards our body from viral infection.
  • For Women – It works well in the women body to safeguard them against osteoporosis and maintain the bone mass.
  • Balance weight – It contains protein which feels us like full stomach even after long hours of without eating. It contains low calorie.

Have you followed all the points? I know you are definitely eating it but not know all the benefits. Now share it with your loved ones whom you care.

Takeaway – Include the yogurt in your diet. It is better to eat it in the morning as
  it gives the maximum benefit if consume in mornings. Avoid it in the night as it
  creates mucus in the body.

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