How To Keep Your Heart Healthy

Everybody knows the importance of happy life. A healthy body gives a lot of happiness which in turn makes our life happy. All know the importance of healthy body but only a proportion of population follows the plan to achieve the desired health. We should start early and inculcate the good healthy habits in our kids also. The benefit of healthy habits to keep your heart healthy and keeps ward off stress and lot of diseases. In real life, you have to sacrifice a lot of things to keep yourself healthy. Most of the people choose the short path which gives fun and in long-term deteriorate their health.

List of things that makes your heart healthy:

Eat Balanced diet – Diet play very important role for to keep your heart healthy. A balanced diet includes fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seafood. These foods provide fiber, nutrition and good fatty acids required by heart for proper functioning.You will love to find out all the food list for a healthy heart and keep weight under check.

Do some Physical Exercise – If a person is indulged in some sort of regular exercise or practice yoga so that he can assure that his heart is healthy. It is not too late than start your schedule and stick to the plan. Benefits of exercises are weight under control, joints would be fit and have a good immune system and balance out the stress.

Check Your Cholesterol – Cholesterol is a fatty substance move in your blood. It is of 2 types – LDL (Low-Density Lipoproteins) or bad cholesterol and HDL (High-Density Lipoproteins) or good cholesterol. If LDL or bad cholesterol is too much in your body then it forms plaque and sticks in your arteries. Due to this arteries become narrow or sometimes blocked.

Control Your Blood Pressure – Keep your blood pressure under control. It is of 2 types’ low blood pressure and high blood pressure. For your healthy heart, high blood pressure should be under control. The normal blood pressure range is 80-120 mm Hg.

Control Diabetes – We eat food is broken down into glucose which is a form of sugar. Insulin present in our pancreas helps to dissolve this glucose in our cells. If there is disorder then the person becomes diabetic. It is one of the main reason for heart problems or blood pressure.

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Bonus Tip – Mental health plays a vital role in our heart. In today’s fast-paced 
             life we have a lot of things to fulfill our dream healthy heart. So 
             plan and follow should be the only rule.Keep yourself socially active 
             and enjoy time with family and friends.

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