Low Blood Pressure Symptoms And Causes

Low blood pressure is also called hypotension. Low blood pressure happens when reading is between 90 mm Hg (millimeters of mercury) or as low as 60 mm Hg. If a person has these reading then he/she immediately consult the doctor and make changes in the lifestyle. He should start doing some exercise daily and keep himself socially busy. Generally, an aged person faces it, but nowadays because of stressful life and work environment, even teenagers are facing this problem. In the Low blood pressure, the body does not produce enough oxygen required by the body and thus effects the brain and heart. Opposite of it is high blood pressure. Some people behave Ok in the low blood pressure as their body adjusted in that blood pressure range. And that is OKAY as long as it is not impacting or deteriorating our health.

Various symptoms of low blood pressure:

  • A person sometimes feels dizziness.
  • Time to time he/she faints.
  • Vision becomes blurred.
  • The person feels tired and not able to do his/her work.
  • The mind works slow and not able to take the decision on time.
  • Cannot concentrate correctly.
  • A person feels very thirsty.
  • In some cases person have very low blood pressure then he faces weak pulse rate, breathes deeply, skin becomes pale.
  • In prolonged cases, it is very dangerous as causes heart diseases, eye failures, and kidney failures. So timely act can save person’s life.

Medical condition that makes Low blood pressure:

In some medical condition, a person can feel the low blood pressure

  • During pregnancy, the mother can feel blood pressure low
  • In some cases of heart problems as heart rate is low
  • If the thyroid gland is not working properly, then he can see blood pressure low
  • During dehydration, a person feels the low blood pressure
  • If a person is suffering from low blood sugar, then low blood pressure can happen in the body
  • Blood loss is high then the person can feel the blood pressure
  • If a person is suffering from an allergy that happens from food or medicine
  • Any serious infection can trigger the low blood pressure.
  • If not taking proper diet having all nutrition and bad eating schedule make the blood pressure low.
  • Some type of medication can also cause it.

How to treat Low blood pressure:

  • Eat a diet having higher salt content. As sometimes it is not good for your body. So consultation with a doctor is always advisable before taking the extra salt.
  • Limit the drinking of alcoholic fluids. It is advisable to leave all together all type of alcoholic fluids.
  • Drink a lot of water and juice as it avoids dehydration and helps to keep control of the blood pressure.
  • Do not lift heavy things or weight. Avoid training in the gym.
  • Do not expose to hot water too much like a spa or hot shower.
  • Visit a doctor and ask him to analyze any medication you are taking is causing the low blood pressure.
  • Exercise is a must as it promotes proper blood circulation. Be regular in it and do at least 30 minutes of physical activity.
  • Before standing up, warm up your feet and ankle first for some time and stand up slowly.
  • Always elevate the side of the bed where you place your head.
  • Do not strain while on the toilet.
  • Take small meals and more frequently. Make sure carbohydrate is less in each meal.
  • Some herbs like ginger, pepper, cinnamon, and rosemary present in Indian kitchen are very good to lower the blood pressure naturally. So use them with your meals.
  • Do not take a medicine to lower the blood pressure before the meals.

Above mentioned are some of the remedies that will definitely work wonders. But still, after following these, your blood pressure is not coming to the normal range then it is high time to consult your physician.

When you visit a physician to make sure to carry the list of symptoms, questions list and any medical records or medication that you are taking.Also keep your blood prerssure history and records handy.

Some questions list that you need to prepare:

  • What is the main cause of low blood pressure in your body?
  • Any medical tests do I need to undergo.
  • Any diet restriction.
  • Do not hesitate to ask any type of questions as you must take care of the body’s good health.

Some Familiar questions that a doctor can ask:

  • Any family history of low blood pressure.
  • From how many days you are suffering from.
  • What are different symptoms that you are facing?
  • Any previous treatment you took.
  • Any home remedy you followed.
Conclusion – Usually if a person does not have any symptoms, then it is not
             unhealthy. But it is advisable even if a person is healthy, he
             should take the blood pressure readings time to time and if it is low, then
             change the lifestyle like eating habits, doing some physical 
             exercise is advisable as it cures to soem extent.If it persists for long then
             consult the doctor. Carry the low blood prerssure for long in the body 
             deprived it from the oxygen which is required by our body for normal 
             functioning.So keep track your blood pressure regulalrly.

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