How much exercise is sufficient to keep ourselves healthy?

Everybody heard the word exercise but how much of India or world population is doing it. I read so many articles and magazines on health and found that around 10% of people actually do it. I talked a lot of people too, they know the importance of healthy living but never go beyond the first step of starting any type of exercise. Some people do less exercise and some do a lot of exercises, the only handful does the right way and in the right amount. This right way doing is the population is aged who do it regularly and patiently.

Most of us who do not do any exercise say that they don’t have time and it is the single biggest hurdle. Now the question arises how much of the exercise is sufficient.

If a person does a lot of exercises then there is a negative impact on the body like joint pains, aging is accelerated etc. This can be overcome by taking a good and healthy diet which includes omega fatty acids, vitamin c, and probiotic or do exercise in moderation.

How much exercise is sufficient:

Do exercise in moderation nor too less neither too much. The best exercise routine includes at least 30 minutes of strenuous activity and at least 4 times a week. Sounds good, yeah!!

But sometimes depending on the person’s health or issues, you may need to some extra exercise and more than 4 days a week. In between days take rest or you can practice yoga or any meditation technique. You should do cross workout throughout the week so that your body get rested and at the same time other exercises give you mental strength. The benefit of doing the right amount is that it keeps your body away from injury.

Ways of doing Optimal exercise to keep ourselves healthy:

  • Move less but many times – During the day to keep yourself active, follow this rule. This means that you do the little movement of the body but more often. Drop your kids by walking, go to nearby market by foot or on cycle. You can prepare your own list.
  • Burst Exercise – When you do exercise, include the burst action. In between the jog do sprint and then run slowly and then relax for the same amount of time. Similarly, it can be applied to weight training, walking or cycling.
  • Recovery drink – Drink the shake which recovers your body and muscles after burst training. This drink includes more protein, carbohydrate and omega fatty acids. Avoid the sugar in any case. In between the exercise keep sipping water as it replenishes lost water and salt from the body.
  • SleepSleep is the time when the body heals itself and muscle get to recover. A person should sleep 7-8 hours daily and it should be sound. Sleep time also matters and recommendation would be from 10 pm to 6 am.
  • Recovery Days – If you think, you get hurt or unfortunately your muscle is pulled, then take time to recover it. Your body, muscle, hormones all need time to recover. If you plan to do exercise for 4 or 5 days, then include the weekends for harsh training. Keep the working days off, to give healing time to your body.

Benefits of exercises

  • Exercise keeps the whole body fit including the mind. Your thought process is changed.
  • Your weight is maintained and you look fit and smart.
  • You keep away a lot of chronic diseases away like sugar, blood pressure, heart-related problems.
  • Exercise keeps you looks younger.

The different form of exercise for healthy me:

In spite of doing the same exercise as jogging daily has a severe impact on your body. What you can do is to prepare the calendar what needs to be done on different days. You will make a calendar and follow it. You can choose from:

Yoga – You can do different types of yoga. Before starting you should consult the yoga instructor about doing the pose, otherwise, you may get hurt.

Cycling – You can buy cycle and opt out some route. You can join the cycling groups around your home and office to keep you motivated. Take different routes to keep your high interest.

Swimming – Summer is here and swimming is one great physical activity option. In this, your whole body gets worked out.

Weight Training –  Do some weight exercise in a week to keep your body mass and muscle intact.

Other options are going for a long walk with friends and family, go for jogging in a park, do pilates with friends which are very good ways to sweat it out and keep you healthy. At least 30 minutes of physical activity is enough but also depends on your weight and age.

Impact of Less exercise:

If a person is inactive or doing a less physical activity then he is prone to a lot of chronic diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, heart problems etc. Initially you consult the doctor and take medicine. You get fit thinking of cut down the diseases. But this is a temporary solution. This temporary relief is OK, but you should find out the root cause of your disease and then work on that part is important. So beware of ill health consequences which may come to your way if not taken healthy steps today.

I completed my part and now it’s your turn to follow and do the exercises. Also, push the people around you about the necessity of exercise. Even if there is a small change in your lifestyle than I am more than happy. Share your feedback with us in the below comment section. Share this article with your near and dear ones and make them healthy also.

Bottom Line – Exercise is must compare to the 50 years back. Then our ancestors
              do most of the things physically, had a nutritious diet and live    
              without stress. Nowadays everything is opposite. So it’s our duty
              to keep our body and soul healthy and then only we live a healthy   
              life. We set example and give healthy future to our new generation.


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