Do not drink water while standing

I heard from my elders that do not drink water while standing. They mention that you will get pain in joints, especially in knees. There is a scientific reason behind that theory. We already know how healthy is the drinking water.

I am putting all the points below:

Drink water while standing can cause:

  1. Arthritis

If you drink water while standing can cause arthritis in the later stage of your life. This is shocking but the truth. When you drink water while standing will cause the fluids imbalance in the body and water gets accumulated around joints. This will convert to arthritis on the later stage of your life.

  • Splashes on the stomach wall

Research showed that stand and drink water have a bad effect on the stomach wall. When you stand, water directly flows to your stomach and put a pressure on your stomach wall. It affects your digestive system and you may suffer from gastrointestinal problems in long run.

  • Remain thirsty

You may remain thirsty when you drink water while standing. The best habit is to sit and drink water slowly by sipping it. While standing you will your thirst is over but sometimes it is not true, you remain thirsty.

  • Indigestion

Stand and drink water puts the strain on your stomach and your food is quick goes out from stomach without digest. So a person will suffer from indigestion.

  • Water is not filtered properly by our kidney

Drinking water while standing is a negative impact on the kidney. Kidney does not filter the water properly and impurities enter into kidney gives the foundation of stone and other urinary tract diseases.

  • Acids not diluted properly

Everything takes time. As I mentioned earlier that drink water by sipping. By doing this acid is properly diluted with water and food is digested. On the other hand when drink water in standing position takes away this good acid and body is deficient in this.

  • Ulcers and Heartburn

Water drink in standing position push the acids in the backward direction. This causes the feeling of heartburn. IF this thing will remain prolonged in the body will create the ulcers.

Hope this helps and you will definitely follow the tricks.

Over To You – Now you know the health benefits of drinking water and negative
              points why we should not drink water while standing.Also share
              this knowledge with near and dear ones.

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